Our Story

Perth Zoo Teddy Bear Picnic 2011

My daughter Blaire was born April 6th 2010. She was an amazing gift and she provided our family with love and joy from the moment she was in our arms.

She was tragically taken from us on March 9th 2011- four weeks shy of her first birthday.

We were absolutely shattered by the loss of our breath-taking daughter.

After the pain of organising a funeral instead of a first birthday party, we were anxious to have our little girl back in our home. When we were finally able to pick her up, we had to face the harsh reality of receiving an urn.

I could barely bring myself to look at the urn, and yet I couldn’t bare to be away from it. I tried to cuddle the urn, and I took it everywhere with me.

I wanted so badly to hold my baby girl close to my heart, but the cold porcelain against my skin only reminded me of the vast distance between Blaire and I.

I told my family that I would dress the urn up in costumes, and take it with us to all our special family occasions. They all understood and agreed- Blaire still needs to be included.

Our first family outing was only a few days after Blaire’s funeral. We took Blaire to the Teddy Bear’s Picnic at the zoo. We had planned a teddy bear’s picnic for Blaire’s first birthday, and I was determined she still got it. So for the day, we bought a teddy bear and removed the stuffing so we could fit Blaire inside. 

As soon as Blaire was inside the teddy bear I felt more comfortable. It’s far less confronting to look at a sweet teddy face than an urn, I could ‘dress’ her, I could take her with me without receiving strange (or sympathetic) looks from strangers, and best of all- I could cuddle her again!

This is when I realised that other parents may like the opportunity to have a specially made teddy bear for their child’s urn.
These bears had to be one of a kind, just like the child they represented.